"Who To Take In Seven Stakes: March Madness Edition"

By: Jason Gold

Our first March Madness Seven Stakes contest is live and you can create a league now!

Here’s how it works: Create or join a league with friends.  We will ask seven questions which have multiple right and wrong answers.  These are the stakes! Make your choices, watch the results live, team with the highest score wins!

It’s time to #RaiseTheStakes!

Now that you’ve created your Seven Stakes league it’s time to place your bets. Here’s your guide to make those picks:

Highest Scoring Game of Round 1:

This one is pretty simple because there’s one game that stands out amongst all of them in terms of pace and scoring prowess: Colgate vs. Arkansas. This game has the highest total on the board and should be an all-time shootout. Seriously, we’re talking about a potential 200 point game.

The Pick: Colgate vs. Arkansas (+200)

Lowest Scoring Game of Round 1:

The best matchup of defenses in Round 1 is Georgia Tech vs. Loyola Chicago. Both teams grind it out defensively and will present challenges for the opposing offense. The other game worth looking at is Rutgers vs. Clemson.

The Pick: Georgia Tech vs. Loyola Chicago (+500)

Highest Scoring Player of Round 1:

There’s a ton of great scorers in the tournament this year, but you want to find a player who’s going to be in a high scoring game that could see overtime. That leads me to Oklahoma State, who may find themselves in a battle in Round 1 versus Liberty. Cade Cunningham could be the first overall pick in the NBA Draft and is already a star.

The Pick: Cade Cunningham (+1000)

Highest Scoring Team In a First Four Game:

The first four games of the NCAA tournament will take place on Thursday, March 18th. The best of these games is UCLA vs. Michigan State, which is an all-time First Four game. It’s likely the best play in game you will ever see in terms of star power. The committee set up Turner pretty well here. Anyways, in terms of which team will produce the most offense, I’ll go down the list and take Texas Southern, a team that is capable of putting up 80 on any given night.

The Pick: Texas Southern (+650)

How Many Buzzer Beaters in First 2 Rounds:

There’s nothing better than a buzzer beater in the tournament. Selfishly I hope we see 10 of them. But in reality we usually get a couple in the first two rounds of the tournament, but not as many on a yearly basis as you would tend to remember.

The Pick: 3 (+2500)

How Many 11 and 12 Seeds Will Advance to Sweet 16:

This is a largely impressive group of 11 and 12 seeds and we could see quite a few upsets along the way. Especially given the COVID protocols and lack of experience heading into the tournament, this could be a wild ride.

For your reference, here is a list of all the 11 and 12 seeds:

11 seeds: Michigan State, UCLA, Syracuse, Wichita State, Drake, Utah State

12 seeds: UCSB, Winthrop, Georgetown, Oregon State

The 11 seeds are not only plentiful due to the play-in games, but there’s three elite programs amongst the bunch. UCLA and Michigan State have to go through each other but the winner should have a good shot against BYU and Texas.

The 12 seeds have a two “elite” mid major teams in UCSB and Winthrop and two conference champions who are running hot right now in Oregon State and Georgetown.

Overall I could see as many as 3 of these teams reaching the second week of the tournament.

The Pick: 3 (+2500)

Largest Margin of Victory in Round 1:

It’s inevitable that we’re going to see a couple of huge blowouts in Round 1. We rarely get a year where a team doesn’t win its first round game by 30 or more points.

The Pick: 35 Or More (+750)