Welcome to Los Angeles, Matthew Stafford

By: Jason Gold

On an otherwise quiet Saturday night in what is supposed to be a dead week for the NFL, the Rams and Lions made one of the biggest trades in the history of the league.

The Rams acquired Lions QB Matthew Stafford in exchange for QB Jared Goff, a 2021 3rd round pick, a 2022 1st round pick and a 2023 1st round pick. A QB swap of this magnitude is the first of its kind in NFL history.

For Los Angeles, they get rid of their former top pick in Goff and two future 1st in order to acquire one of the most underrated and under-appreciated QBs in the game.

The Rams do not care about 1st round picks. In fact they haven’t made a 1st round pick since they selected Goff. But with a roster headlined by Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and other studs, they decided to go all in on a QB they believe can bring home a title to LA.

For the Lions, they get a chance to rebuild with two additional first rounders and a QB in Goff that is only 26 and can still be an effective NFL QB.

On the Champions Round Show this week we discussed the possibility of Stafford going to Los Angeles to join forces with Sean McVay. Take a listen below:

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The combination of Stafford and McVay could be dynamic, especially when you consider that the Rams have Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Cam Akers and an elite defense. Sure, they gave up a lot to get their guy. It’s risky. But ultimately this is a QB league and Stafford, who is still on 32, could be a top-7 NFL QB in this system.

Whether or not Stafford ends up playing like an All-Pro will likely determine the fate of Les Snead as the Rams GM. It’s a worth risk taking and a smart deal for the rebuilding Lions, as well.

Brad Holmes, the Lions new GM, spent the last 18 seasons with the Rams and knows Goff very well. In fact, he is reportedly the person who fought the hardest for the Rams to take Goff in the first place. If the Lions can get Goff to play like he did in 2018 then this is a huge win for the organization. If not, he’s an expensive placeholder while Detroit figures out who the QB is going forward. Even if Goff fails, the Lions get the two firsts to use however they see fit.

In my view, this seems to be an expensive win-win for both franchises.