Teams to Buy and Sell After Week 1


Pittsburgh Steelers

Everyone forgot about the Pittsburgh Steelers. A season over/under of 8.5 wins? With that defense? And that head coach? Y’all must be crazy.

Look, the Steelers offense has a ton of issues. The offensive line is a big concern and Big Ben’s arm looks weak. However, the Steelers defense is one of, if not the best in the NFL. They are going to win games this season on their own and they are going to make a litany of good offenses look relatively pedestrian. 

One of my favorite plays of Week 2 is the Steelers -5.5 over the Raiders. If you want more information on that bet, listen to Episode 12 of Gambling with Gold.

Green Bay Packers

Sometimes you just take the game film and throw it out. Straight into the garbage. That’s what the Packers should do. There’s not much to glean from their 38-3 loss to New Orleans in Jacksonville. The entire game just had a weird flow to it and Green Bay just never looked like they were into the game.

Is this concerning? Sure. But this is an Aaron Rodgers team. As he would say, R-E-L-A-X. There is no need to panic. The Packers will likely show up in a big way on Monday Night Football. If there’s any team to get right against, it’s probably the Detroit Lions. Buy in on GB now before they start rolling again.

New England Patriots

Yes, the Patriots lost at home to Miami and Tua Tagovailoa. But here’s the thing: That may have been the most promising loss in Week 1. The Patriots defense looked stout and, more importantly, Mac Jones looked really good. He looked like a seasoned pro against a very competent defense with a coach who knew exactly what New England was going to do. 

The Pats were a Damien Harris late fumble away from winning that game. The Pats are going to be good and Mac Jones is definitely going to be a strong Rookie of the Year candidate.

Cleveland Browns

They almost beat Kansas City in Kansas City, again. This is a VERY good football team and, given the Ravens’ issues, should be considered the favorites in the AFC North. If Baker Mayfield learns the clutch gene, or if Kevin Stefanski can find a way to better scheme up their offense in the 4th quarter, this could be a Super Bowl team.


Arizona Cardinals

This is a weird sell. I was already down on the Cardinals heading into the season and I’m probably higher on them now than I was before Week 1 after that performance against Tennessee. It’s like I forgot what Kyler Murray can do when healthy. 

That being said, this is a classic overreaction to a Week 1 game. Now the public believes the Cardinals are a true playoff team? I don’t. Not yet. Give me the Vikings +4.5 at Arizona this weekend.

Las Vegas Raiders

One of the weirdest games I have ever seen. That’s how I would describe the Raiders win over the Ravens on Monday Night Football. You saw what happened. It was so ridiculous, it should have been on Comedy Central, not ESPN.

Anyway, the Raiders still have a ton of issues defensively, the offensive line is an issue and they have limited weapons outside of Darren Waller. Sell them now, especially in Week 2 against Pittsburgh.

Houston Texans

Cute little opening victory, Houston. They played a great game against a rookie QB and rookie head coach at home. 

Now it’s reality check time. Houston now travels to Cleveland to face an angry Browns team. There’s a chance the Browns win by 25 plus.

Philadelphia Eagles

Another weird team to sell since I believe there’s now a real chance the Eagles could make noise in the NFC East. Washington has its issues without Ryan Fitzpatrick now and we saw how porous the Cowboys defense still is. The Eagles could be a real contender.

That being said, they’re definitely not as good as their win over Atlanta suggests. Jalen Hurts may be really good, but he’s going to take his lumps as the year progresses. This may not be the week to fade Philly. They’re hosting the 49ers as 3.5-point underdogs. But in future weeks the Eagles are a team I will likely target as a fade candidate.