Super Bowl LV Predictions

By: Jason Gold

This isn’t your normal Super Bowl. For obvious reasons, the 55th edition of America’s biggest event will have an entirely different feel. For starters, we have a limited capacity crowd and a team playing at home for the first time in NFL history. However, that’s not the story we’ll be talking about in a decade.

On February 7th we will witness the GOAT take on the unquestioned Future GOAT: Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes.

We’re talking about a 43-year old QB in his 10th Super Bowl, going for his 7th title, facing off against a 25-year old who has already won an MVP, a title and a Super Bowl MVP. It is quite simply the most remarkable QB matchup in the history of the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs and Bucs faced off earlier in the season in Tampa Bay, with the Chiefs coming away with the victory. Will we see a repeat performance on Sunday?

On the one hand, how in the world could you possibly go against Tom Brady. The man is a walking Lombardi trophy and has more experience playing in this game than any person that has walked the face of the planet. On the other hand, how in the world can you bet against Patrick Mahomes, who has won 25 of his last 26 games and is the most dynamic QB in NFL history. Oh by the way, he’s only just reaching his potential. He’s still getting better. 

Yes, the Chiefs offensive line is banged up. Yes, the Buccaneers just dominated Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offensive line. But how do you stop Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill? How do you beat a team that constantly spots other teams two scores and then wins easily?

I can’t in good conscience bet against Mahomes. I just can’t do it.

Prediction: Chiefs 34 - Buccaneers 26