Round 2 Boost Ball Roster Advice

Welcome to the Round 2 of the season for our Boost Ball game at Champion’s Round. This phase will cover weeks 7-12. First, a quick explanation of how Boost Ball works. You have $350 dollars to select 12 players for your roster. You also get the option to have one player be your “boosted” player, whose points will be doubled. Whichever team has the most points after the 6 weeks, wins. So, with that said, let’s look at a lineup that could be a league winner, as well as a couple of player suggestions. (Player price in parenthesis)


Matthew Stafford (30)

Jalen Hurts (32)

While not the flashiest names, these two QBs have been putting up consistent production, with Hurts being the only player to be a Top 12 option every week at his position. They both have decent schedules for the five-week period, so take the bargain prices for elite production, and use the savings elsewhere. The Rams have Jags, Lions and Texans. Eagles face Lions, Broncos, and Giants as key matchups.


James Robinson (32)

Cordarrelle Patterson (32)

Everyone keeps sleeping on these guys, as the carnage around them has rendered most high-profile and expensive players moot. Patterson is clocking in at RB5 in PPR, and you are getting him here at outside top 12 price. Robinson is carrying the workload in Jacksonville, making him very valuable indeed.


Diontae Johnson (29)

Stefon Diggs (46)

Cooper Kupp (44)

Do you want target hogs? We got target hogs. The savings from the previous two positions is being spent right here, as we got 2 top 5 wideouts, but they are worth every penny. Bills are on bye for week 7 but should carry you the rest of the way. Kupp, Diggs, and DJ are all #1 in target share for their teams, who like to throw a lot. No brainers, all.


Hunter Henry (20)

Mac Jones is growing in comfort as an NFL QB and it seems he has chosen Henry to be his security blanket. Henry’s talent has never been in question, it’s just that he can never seem to stay healthy. So far, so good on that front, so reap the rewards with a TE that is getting 5 targets a game at a position where 3 targets is sometimes asking too much.


Darrel Williams (28)

Devonta Smith (27)

Welcome to stackville, as we get the #1 WR for both of our QBs. Smith has been coming along in recent weeks, and with the schedule easing up a bit, look for him to have some monster games. Williams is taking advantage of the absence of CEH and is literally running with the opportunity. As long as CEH is on IR, you are getting a starting RB at discount prices. Perfect for a flex spot.


Buffalo Bills (15)

Lions, Jets, Jags. Say no more.


Matt Gay (15)

The Rams are scoring a bunch of points lately. Use the guy that is kicking those FGs and extra points.

The above roster cost 350 out of a possible 350 dollar budget. I believe it has a good shot at winning you these weeks. However, there are other decent options for you to try.

Derrick Henry (54)

Geno Smith (20)

Matt Ryan (20)

Alex Collins (23)

Brandin Cooks (31)

Henry Ruggs (21)

OJ Howard (16)

Jason Sanders (14)

Rams D/ST (16)