The decision is in…Odell Beckham Jr. is a Ram. 

After a week of speculation and an epic Source Off between Adam Schefter and Ian Rapaport, the former Giant and Browns receiver signed a contract with the Rams. 

It’s been a hell of a week for Los Angeles’ main NFL team. Last week they pushed all their chips in on the Von Miller trade. I guess there were still some chips sitting in their pockets because all of a sudden Odell is the Rams third receiver. 

The three headed monster of Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and OBJ has to immediately be considered one of the best in the NFL and reminds me a lot of what Tampa Bay did last year by adding Antonio Brown to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. The biggest difference there: AB had played with Brady before (albeit for one game). 

From a fantasy perspective, I’m not sure Odell will be anything more than a flex play for the rest of this season. The upside for OBJ is fantasy is there, especially if Kupp or Woods were to get injured. Then we’d be having a completely different conversation. Even if Kupp and Woods are healthy, there’s a case to be made that OBJ would find a similar level of success that AB had in Tampa Bay last season. I just don’t see it, especially with how well Kupp and Woods have played this season with Stafford.

As for the rest of the Rams’ weapons, Van Jefferson immediately tumbles from a high upside WR3 into a droppable asset. I’m not sure it changes the outlook for Kupp, Woods or Tyler Higbee. They’re still the top three receiving options in the pass happy Rams scheme. 

I do think the presence of OBJ and the respect he commands from the league will help this offense in general and will make it easier for Darrell Henderson to find success on the ground. He’s already doing just fine this season without Odell, but his run blocking and presence should make it even easier on Henderson and Sony Michel. 

You shouldn’t be rushing out to trade for Odell. But if you have him on your team already, I would take a wait and see approach. Don’t start him in his first contest for the Rams, which figures to be on Monday against the 49ers. 

The Rams have a bye in Week 11 and come back in Week 12 to face the Green Bay Packers, Odell’s second choice. That would be your first opportunity to start OBJ, and even then I probably won’t unless there’s an injury.

The Every Day Is Draft Day podcast with Steph Smalls and Dan Turner will have more on the Odell Beckham Jr. signing tomorrow. Look out for their show, which will be broadcasted live on Twitter!