NFL Draft Seven Stakes Preview

🏈 Get Ready for Seven Stakes: NFL Draft Edition 🏈

Here’s how it works: Create or join a league with friends.  We will ask seven questions which have multiple right and wrong answers.  These are the stakes! Make your choices, watch the results live, team with the highest score wins!

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Here’s a guide to help you out……

How Many Trades During Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft:

This is probably the most difficult question to answer of this NFL Draft slate. Trying to predict trades during Round 1 is nearly impossible, but we’ll do our best. We can eliminate 0 as an option…there will be trade during Round 1. I believe there will be at least one trade in the top 10, maybe two. Usually a team trades back into the end of the first round. So there’s 3 at least. We’ll go with 4 here, but I’m tempted to choose the 5 or more option.

The Pick: 4 (+350)

How Many QBs Taken in the Top 10:

We know for sure Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson go in the top 10. Justin Fields is also likely to be in the top 10. If Mac Jones does get drafted by San Francisco at No. 3, I believe the answer is 5. If Fields goes No. 3, I could see Jones dropping out of the Top 10. All indications are Jones is still the pick for SF, but Fields is the better prospect and betting markets believe he’ll end up going 3. It’s hard not to trust Vegas. I’ll say Fields goes 3 and Trey Lance goes in the Top 10.

The Pick: 4 (+100)

How Many Wide Receivers Taken in Round 1:

The betting market is set at around 4.5 here and I think that’s pretty sharp. Ja’Marr Chase, Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle are locks to go in Round 1. We could see Rashod Bateman, Terrace Marshall Jr., Elijah Moore, Rondale Moore or Karadius Toney go in Round 1 also. Given the depth of this draft, I think a couple of those prospects will end up dropping to Round 2. I’ll go with 5 receivers in Round 1 with Bateman and Marshall as the other two going in Round 1.

The Pick: 5 (+150)

How Many Running Backs Taken in Round 1:

There’s really only 2 running backs who are in play for Round 1: Najee Harris and Travis Etienne. I believe one of them will get taken by the Steelers in Round 1. Does Miami beat Pittsburgh to the punch and take Harris or Etienne at No. 18? I don’t see it. I think only one RB will go on day 1.

The Pick: 1 (+150)

How Many Offensive Players Taken in Round 1:

How Many Defensive Players Taken in Round 1:

These two questions work in unison. If you believe 18 offensive players will go in Round 1, then you will have to select under 14.5 for the defensive side. The first 10 picks in the draft this year could all legitimately be offensive players. That is highly unusual in draft history, but seems within reason for the 2021 draft. If wide receivers go off the board early, we could see as many as 20 offensive players taken in Round 1.

The Picks: Over 17.5 Offensive Players (+100), Under 14.5 Defensive Players (+100)

Position of the Last Player Selected in Round 1:

The Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently hold the last pick of the first round. If they keep the pick, I would look for them to pick a defensive lineman or wide receiver with the pick. There are rumors they may take a QB at this spot, likely Stanford’s Davis Mills. But with Tom Brady still playing elite football, my guess is they do everything they can to bolster the current roster. So I’ll pick defensive lineman here, but if they trade the pick my hunch is someone would be moving up for a QB or wide receiver.

The Pick: Defensive Lineman (+150)

This is the NFL Draft though….We can’t just ask seven questions! We’re blowing this out. So here’s seven more questions to gamble on:

Which Team Drafts Justin Fields:

In our most recent Big Board Showdown Mock Draft we have Mac Jones going to San Francisco at No. 3 overall. However, the betting market has shifted since that was released. Justin Fields is now projected to be the pick at No. 3. Fields is the second or third best QB in this draft according to most pundits. His style of play would work well with Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers. It’s a close call between Jones and Fields. But ultimately I think Fields is the pick for SF. If SF ends up passing on Fields, I believe some team will trade up to get him, likely the Denver Broncos or New England Patriots.

The Pick: San Francisco 49ers (+100)

Which Team Drafts Trey Lance:

Trying to find a landing spot for the North Dakota State product has proven difficult for mock drafters. He could go No. 3 to San Francisco, but that seems a bit far fetched. Rumor has it Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank really likes Lance, so he could go No. 4. But the most likely scenario is that Lance ends up dropping to No. 7 or No. 9 and the Denver Broncos trade up to get him or wait until No. 9 and take him then.

The Pick: Denver Broncos (+300)

Which Team Drafts Mac Jones:

We’ve already established Jones is very much in play to San Francisco at No. 3. If Fields ends up there and Lance goes to Denver, it feels like someone is going to trade up to get Jones around pick 11 or 12. Teams like Chicago and Washington are in a position to make a move at QB. But the team that makes the most sense here in New England.

The Pick: New England Patriots (+200)

Which Team Drafts Ja’Marr Chase:

Chase is in play for the Falcons at No. 4, the Bengals at No. 5 and the Dolphins at No. 6. I believe strongly that the Falcons will end up either trading, taking a QB or drafting tight end Kyle Pitts. The Bengals are in love with Chase and QB Joe Burrow is rumored to be pushing for the team to draft Chase. If the Bengals end up with an offensive lineman instead of Chase, he will likely be taken by the Dolphins. Ultimately I think the Bengals won’t pass on Chase.

The Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (+100)

Which Team Drafts Kyle Pitts:

Similar to Chase, Pitts is likely to be selected at either No. 4, No. 5 or No. 6. The Falcons could take a QB or trade the pick at No. 4, but if they stay on the board their guy is Pitts. I think that’s ultimately how this plays out.

The Pick: Atlanta Falcons (+175)

Which Team Drafts Penei Sewell:

Sewell, the dominant offensive lineman from Oregon, is in play anywhere from No. 4 to No. 10. Some teams seem to prefer Northwestern lineman Rashawn Slater to Sewell, but there’s no doubt Sewell is the most talented lineman in the draft. The Bengals desperately need an offensive lineman and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take Sewell. However, we already have Chase pegged for Cincy. If Sewell gets past Cincy, I think the Dolphins could take him, especially if Pitts goes No. 4. But the Dolphins could also trade down if that happens. So who is left to take Sewell? How about we take a bit of a long shot. The Panthers desperately need a left tackle and Sewell would be a perfect player for them.

The Pick: Carolina Panthers (+500)

Which Team Drafts Devonta Smith:

The Heisman Trophy winner is sliding down draft boards a little bit and may be the third receiver off the board on Day 1. He could end up going as high as No. 6 to the Dolphins, but it’s more likely that he’s available after pick 10. The Giants are rumored to love Smith, even after signing Kenny Golladay. But they also have other needs. The Eagles would be doing cartwheels if Smith was there for them with the 12th pick. Do the Giants let Smith get to Philly? I don’t think they could live with themselves to play against Smith twice a year. 

The Pick: New York Giants (+450)

Good luck in your Seven Stakes leagues and in Big Board Showdown!