Fantasy Draft Review

Fantasy football is a fickle mistress, and sometimes the best-laid plans go up in smoke. We do tons of research, and most of the time we get it wrong. That applies even to star players, as several factors go into having a successful season. Let’s take a look back at some of these players, and see what we thought was going to happen vs what reality gave us.

Overvalued (current ranking, ADP)

Kyler Murray (3, 11)

Kyler Murray was drafted as the ultimate Konami QB. He had a good start to the season, but then a bad game against Green Bay where he didn’t throw a touchdown. He then had injuries pile up and has been out for a couple of weeks. Injuries of course can’t be predicted, but the game against GB caused some concern. He was drafted as QB3 and is currently QB11.

Dalvin Cook (2, 14)

Dalvin has been a mixed bag of results. He can never stay healthy for the year, which should be baked into his ADP. He had a stretch from week 3 to week 8 where he missed two games, had two sub 10 point games, and a 20 plus point game. That king of seesaw production is not what you want from the #2 overall player according to ADP, especially with 78% opportunity share. 

Brandon Aiyuk (23, 68)

Aiyuk was supposed to be the alpha wide receiver in a breakout year for the 49ers. Instead, he started the year as a healthy inactive and has only recently started to produce results. Deebo Samuel and George Kittle have reasserted themselves as the primary targets in the San Fransico offense. Aiyuk is a major bust.

Robert Tonyan (8, 27)

Tonyan could just not replicate the success he had last year before going on IR. The position of tight end, in general, is a crapshoot, but it was believed that with Green Bay adding no one substantial to the wide receiver corps, Robert would have been able to replicate his results. 


Jalen Hurts (12, 5)

Hurts had some intrigue coming into the season as he had to deal with a new coaching staff. He performed amazingly for fantasy purposes to start the year, but the Eagles struggled. The script was flipped, and the Eagles started winning while Hurts’ numbers went down. Now, the happy medium has been achieved, as Hurts is playing better and the Eagles are winning. 

Cordarrelle Patterson (88, 3)

Meet this year’s league winner. Patterson went undrafted in most leagues, yet has turned around and become an absolute stud for fantasy. Better yet, he has dual positional eligibility, as you can play him at running back or wide receiver. The new focal point of the Falcons offense after Calvin Ridley took his leave of absence, expect Patterson to continue to rack up fantasy points. 

Cooper Kupp (19, 1)

If Cordarrelle Patterson didn’t happen this year, this would be the greatest shock of the fantasy season. Matthew Stafford was supposed to take the Rams offense to the next level, and he did. The primary beneficiary of that leap wasn’t Robert Woods, as most predicted. It turned out that Stafford had an immediate connection with Kupp, who was absolutely razing teams with multiple 30+ point weeks. It doesn’t seem like that is going to slow down anytime soon, so enjoy the ride.

Hunter Henry (16, 6)

Henry was the second of the tight ends signed by New England in the offseason, after Jonnu Smith, but Henry seems to be the one who has elevated himself to TE1 on the Patriots. In the desert wasteland that is the tight end position, Henry has become a pleasant surprise, as he has stayed healthy for most of the year, something that alluded him in his time with the Chargers. He is a solid TE that can carry you into the playoffs. 

Data from this article was provided by @MunderDifflinFF