A Super Bowl Storm Is Brewing

By: Jason Gold

The only thing that may be able to slow down the Buccaneers and Chiefs in Super Bowl LV is the weather.

According to weather reports, we may be in for a wild one in Tampa Bay on Sunday.

The first point that’s worth noting is the possibility of thunderstorms in the area. If those thunderstorms are accompanied by lightning, we could be in for some legitimate weather delays. The Super Bowl is already a long game with an extended halftime. Now we’re throwing into the mix the possibility of a weather related delay. Could we have a longer game than the 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl that was delayed due to a blackout at the SuperDome in New Orleans?

If that happens, the entire flow of the game could become very choppy. Everyone gets out of rhythm. This could be a place where we would want to bet on the under, which is currently set at 56.5 points.

If we avoid thunderstorms but get a significant amount of precipitation, we would expect that the under to come in to play as well. Historically, a game with any sort of rain or snow goes under the total 55.7% of the time.

That doesn’t mean this bet is a lock. Nothing is a LOCK. But we could definitely be looking at a lower scoring Super Bowl than most people expect.