2021 NFL Season Team Predictions

Welcome to the Champions Round Season Preview. We promise it’s full of bold predictions. We will be looking at who will be going to the playoffs, as well as which team ultimately ends up coming out on top as Super Bowl Champions. Enjoy!

AFC East

  1. *Bills: 14-3
  2. *Patriots: 10-7
  3. Dolphins: 8-9
  4. Jets: 4-13

The Bills have taken over the top of the AFC East from the Patriots, and it is not something that they will soon relinquish. Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs has been a revelation, and the Bills defense will also be improved. Miami should take another step forward with its improved offense, and the Jets are a couple years away but have some intriguing young pieces to build a solid foundation with. 

AFC North

  1. *Steelers: 11-6
  2. *Browns: 11-6
  3. Ravens: 9-8
  4. Bengals: 6-11

The Steelers and Browns will be locked into a ferocious battle for division supremacy and will come out tied and both making the playoffs. It seems like the Ravens have been cursed, as most of their skill position players have been hurt this preseason. They will not be able to overcome all the injuries and fall. The Bengals have an electric offense, but the lack of a good O-Line will ultimately cost them in their pursuit of a division title. 

AFC South

  1. *Titans: 12-5
  2. Colts: 7-10
  3. Jaguars: 5-12
  4. Texans: 2-15

The Titans are far and away the class of the AFC South. The Colts are already banged up, and their starting QB can’t seem to get on the field. Meanwhile, the Jaguars will be breaking in a rookie QB, so they will be showing some potential for the future. The Texans have let years of roster mismanagement turn them into a dumpster fire, and they are in the running for the worst team in the league. 

AFC West

  1. *Chiefs: 14-3 
  2. *Chargers: 10-7
  3. Raiders: 10-7
  4. Broncos: 7-10

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid ake the Chiefs the frontrunners for the AFC West for the foreseeable future. The Chargers under second-year QB Justin Herbert should take a step forward, narrowly beating out the Raiders for a playoff spot. The Broncos will be respectable, and not cause many mistakes to lose, but will come up short in a lot of one-score games.

NFC East

  1. *Washington: 10-7
  2. Cowboys: 8-9
  3. Giants: 6-11
  4. Eagles: 6-11

The NFC Least returns for another year. Washington won the division last year, then went out and got better at QB and WR. They should easily win this division. The Cowboys will put on an offensive light show, but question marks in the health of their star players and the quality of their defense will hold them back. The Eagles are a question mark with a new staff and QB, and the Giants are dealing with QB questions and O-Line issues of their own. 

NFC North

  1. *Packers: 12-5
  2. Vikings: 9-8
  3. Bears: 6-11
  4. Lions: 1-16

The Packers convinced star QB Aaron Rodgers to come back for one more year, and that should be enough for them to win the division. The Vikings will put up a hearty challenge for a while, but ultimately fall short. The Bears are breaking in a rookie QB, who will take his share of lumps while also making amazing plays. The Lions are deficient in offensive firepower, and their best defense is apparently gonna be biting kneecaps. Early frontrunners for the number one overall pick. 

NFC South

  1. *Buccaneers: 14-3
  2. *Falcons: 9-8
  3. Saints: 7-10
  4. Panthers: 5-12

The defending SB champs are going to lap this division, as they bring back pretty much every starter from last year’s team. The Falcons are entering year one of the post_Julio Jones era, with HOF-bound rookie TE Kyle Pitts in the fold. It will be interesting to see how Calvin Ridley handles a season as the undisputed #1. The Saints are also making a huge QB change, as Jamies Winston takes over for Hall of Famer Drew Brees. An offensive fireworks show is expected in New Orleans, but will that translate into wins? The Panthers brought in a new QB in Sam Darnold this year, and it may take a year to get acclimated before the Panthers take that next step in the NFC South. 

NFC West

  1. *Rams: 13-4 
  2. *49ers: 11-6 
  3. *Seahawks: 10-7
  4. Cardinals: 9-8

The Rams bringing in Matthew Stafford will pay huge dividends this season. He will finally be able to unlock the full potential of a Sean McVay offense. The Rams should win this division pretty easily. The 49ers will ride Jimmy Gs management style before switching over to Trey Lance, who will have a rough go of it, to begin with, but settle down and lead the 49ers to a wild card berth. The Seahawks will follow form and come out hot to begin the season, only to eventually cool off and squeak into the playoffs. The Cardinals’ offensive is let down by the defense, and Kliff Kingsbury’s seat grows a little hotter. 

NFC Playoffs

Teams: 1. Buccaneers 2. Packers 3. Rams 4. Washington 5. 49ers 6. Seahawks 7. Falcons

Wild Card

(2) Packers over (7) Falcons

(3) Rams over (6) Seahawks

(4) Washington over (5) 49ers


(3) Rams over (2) Packers

(1) Buccaneers  over (4) Washington

NFC Championship

(3) Rams over (1) Buccaneers

AFC Playoffs

Teams: 1. Chiefs 2. Bills 3. Titans 4. Steelers 5. Patriots 6. Browns 7. Chargers

Wild Card

(2) Bills over (7) Chargers

(3) Titans over (6) Browns

(5) Patriots over (6) Steelers


(1) Chiefs over (5) Patriots

(2) Bills  over (3) Titans

AFC Championship

(1) Chiefs over (2) Bills

Super Bowl LVI 

Chiefs over Rams

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